2024 - 2025 Elected Leadership

Section Officers

Section officers run the entire section’s operations. They are elected in April and serve until the next April, planning the upcoming events, conclave, lodge improvement projects, and any other projects they would like to pursue.

Section Chief

Todd O.

Vigil Honor

Todd is a Vigil Honor member from Netopalis Sipo Schipinachk Lodge. Before being elected as section chief, Todd served as Training CVC, lodge vice chief, and chapter chief. He is also a recipient of the Founder’s Award. As a Scout, he has attended NOAC in 2022 and the National Jamboree in 2023 as a part of Operation Arrow. Additionally, Todd serves on summer camp staff at Worth Ranch in Palo Pinto, TX. Todd is thrilled for the opportunity to build the section leadership as well some of the programs within the section, ultimately culminating in an amazing conclave.

Section Vice Chief

Griffin G.

Vigil Honor

Griffin is a Vigil Honor member and Eagle Scout from Mikanakawa Lodge and currently serves as the G3 section vice chief. Previously, he has served as the Experience CVC for the 2024 conclave, lodge elections chair, and chapter chief as well as in various other roles within this troop, crew, and lodge. Currently, he also serves on the written content team of the National Communications Committee, writing articles for the national website. Outside of the Order of the Arrow, Griffin is a member of his council’s NYLT staff and will be serving on NAYLE faculty this summer. This fall, he will be majoring in physics and finance at Oklahoma State University. Griffin is excited to work with every lodge from our section to craft an amazing section staff and to host an incredible conclave.

Section Secretary

Alissa S.


Alissa is a Brotherhood member and Eagle Scout from Netopalis Sipo Schipinachk Lodge. Before being elected as Section Secretary, Alissa served as Trading Post CVC, Lodge Vice Chief, and in numerous chapter positions. As a Scout, she has attended NYLT, 2022 NOAC, and NLS. Additionally, Alissa serves as year-round camp staff for her local camp, Camp Tahuaya, in Belton, TX. Alissa is ecstatic for the opportunity to add to our social medias and promote our section and our 9 lodges whiling building our programs with the help of her other officers.

The immediate past section chief serves the section as a mentor to the section chief, and as a voting member of the Council of Chiefs along with the other Section Officers and Lodge Chiefs. 

Immediate Past Section Chief

Christian Kilburn

Vigil Honor

Christian is an Eagle Scout, Vigil Honor member, and James E. West award recipient from Netopalis Sipo Schipinachk Lodge. Christian has served various roles across his units, chapter, and lodge, plus he has also served as his Council Venturing President, NYLT Youth Course Leader, and as a Ranger at Philmont. In the section, Christian has been a lead, CVC, coordinator, section secretary, and section chief! In addition, Christian is an NLS course manager, Gateway Region SOS Coordinator, NOAC Special Events Committee member, and serves the as the National Communications Coordinator overseeing the 130+ person committee. In the past, Christian Christian served on the National Events promotion team for Operation Arrow in 2023, the NOAC 2022 Communications Team, and as a NOAC 2022 Trainer. Christian is currently in his sophomore year at Colorado State University as a political science major.

Section Advisers

Section Advisers directly overview the running of the section. The Section Adviser and Associate Adviser directly mentor the Section Chief, and ensures that they accomplish the duties of running the Section.

Section Adviser

Matt Lindsey

Vigil Honor

Dr. Lindsey is an experienced adult adviser who has been serving Section SR-2 / G3 since 2018. He is a James E. West Fellowship, District Award of Merit, and Silver Beaver recipient. He has served on DYLC Staff for the legacy Southern Region, and has been a trainer for the past 3 NOACs. Dr. Lindsey also serves as the Philmont Staff Association President, and outside of scouting is the Department Chair & Professor for Management & Marketing at Stephen F. Austin State University.

Section Staff Adviser

Chase Roach

Vigil Honor

Chase Roach is a professional scouter from Golden Spread Council. He dually serves as the staff adviser and a key member of Nischa Achowalogen Lodge in Amarillo, Texas. 

Section Associate Adviser

Wayne Haythorn

Vigil Honor

Mr. Haythorn is a well versed adviser who has served Section SR-2 / G3 since 2018. He is a James E. West Fellowship, District Award of Merit, Silver Beaver, and Venturing Leadership Award Recipient. Mr. Haythorn was formerly the Netopalis Sipo Schipinachk Lodge Adviser, and served in various additional roles across the Lodge and his Chapter.

Section G3's 2024-2025 Appointed Leaders

Section Coordinators

Section Coordinators run the year long operations of the Section, and develop program to make the section better. They are appointed by the Section Chief.

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Conclave Vice Chiefs

Conclave Vice Chiefs are the key leaders and planners for the annual Conclave. They do key planning in October at Fall COC, January at Triad, and all the time between. They work hard to prepare for a 550+ person event, and all work with teams of 5 – 20 staff. They work with Team Leads under them to delegate their teams work off. CVCs are appointed by the Section Officers.

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Section CVC Advisers

Section CVC Advisers help support Conclave Vice Chief’s in the process of planning their large program areas. These advisers serve as experts, whereas the officers serve as supervisors.