Section G3 is made up of the following lodges. To find your lodge visit oa-bsa.org/lodge-map.
At the local level, lodges exist to serve BSA councils and individual units. Each lodge chief is a member of the section’s Council of Chiefs and is able to attend and vote at monthly section meetings. Sections work closely with lodges to provide support when they need it.

Wichita Lodge

Northwest Texas Council, Wichita Falls, TX
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Titus B
  • Lodge Adviser – Allen Pappas
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Megan Sila

Tejas Lodge

East Texas Area Council, Tyler, TX
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – David N
  • Lodge Adviser – Luke Kimbrough
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Daniel Anderson

Mikanawaka Lodge

Circle Ten Council, Dallas, TX
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Sean H
  • Lodge Adviser – Brian Bennett
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Scott Arrington

Caddo Lodge

Norwela Council, Shreveport, LA
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Ethan M
  • Lodge Adviser – Ken Peterson
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Charlotte Moczygemba

Nakona Lodge

South Plains Council, Lubbock, TX
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Matthew W
  • Lodge Adviser – Aaron Eldridge
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Nathan Baie

Netopalis Sipo Schipinachk Lodge

Longhorn Council, Fort Worth, TX
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Jake P
  • Lodge Adviser – Stan Hamrick
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Vince Dorsey

Akela Wahinapay Lodge 

Caddo Area Council, Texarkana, AR
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Damian K
  • Lodge Adviser – Darin Powell
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Gus Kisselburg

Nischa Achowalogen Lodge

Golden Spread Council, Amarillo, TX
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Aden C
  • Lodge Adviser – Joe Rahjia
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Vacant

Penateka Lodge 

Texas Trails Council, Abilene, TX
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Marshall S
  • Lodge Adviser – Lance Barnett
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Bobby Goodson