Section G3 is made up of the following lodges. To find your lodge visit www.oa-bsa.org/lodge-map.
At the local level, lodges exist to serve BSA councils and individual units. Each lodge chief is a member of the section’s Council of Chiefs and is able to attend and vote at section meetings. Sections work closely with lodges to provide support when they need it and serve as a link between the lodges and the National Order of the Arrow Committee.


Wichita Lodge #35

Northwest Texas Council, Wichita Falls, TX
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Lorelei M.
  • Lodge Adviser – Austin Sila
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Megan Sila

Tejas Lodge #72

East Texas Area Council, Tyler, TX
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Ben H.
  • Lodge Adviser – Luke Kimbrough
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Daniel Anderson

Mikanawaka Lodge #101

Circle Ten Council, Dallas, TX
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Gabriel K.
  • Lodge Adviser – Chuck Ashby
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Ryan Downey

Caddo Lodge #149

Norwela Council, Shreveport, LA
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Daniel D.
  • Lodge Adviser – Tameko James
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Neal Stapleton

Nakona Lodge #150

South Plains Council, Lubbock, TX
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Josh E.
  • Lodge Adviser – Aaron Eldridge
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Nathan Baie

Netopalis Sipo Schipinachk Lodge #209

Longhorn Council, Fort Worth, TX
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Gwendolyn G.
  • Lodge Adviser – Michael Bell
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Rachel Joslyn

Akela Wahinapay Lodge #232

Caddo Area Council, Texarkana, AR
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Seth S.
  • Lodge Adviser – John Quinn
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Gus Kisselburg

Nischa Achowalogen Lodge #486

Golden Spread Council, Amarillo, TX
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Aden C.
  • Lodge Adviser – Joe Rahjia
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Chase Roach

Penateka Lodge #561 

Texas Trails Council, Abilene, TX
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Reed R.
  • Lodge Adviser – Philip Ridley
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Bobby Goodson

Legacy Lodges

Loquanne Allangwh Lodge #428

NeTseO Trails Council, Paris, TX
Merged with Mikanakawa in early 2017. Used to cover North East Texas to South West Oklahoma. This lodge was with our section from when we were SR-2/3N.

Oamenowinink Lodge #555

Direct Support / National Council, Irving, TX
This lodge technically existed with Section SR-2/3N until its disbandment in 2015. After 2015, Arrowmen who associated with Oamenowinink Lodge were encouraged to switch to membership of their council’s lodge which were all out of the bounds of our section. This lodge existed to support Arrowmen in the transatlantic and far east councils, along with any other unrepresented Arrowmen.
*This lodge did not serve in any way with our section, but as it existed from the national office of the Boy Scouts of America it was within our borders for the later years of this lodge’s existence.

Additional Lodges

Wewikit Lodge

National Council, Irving, TX
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Cortland Bolles
This Lodge only exists for technical reasons, and is only included here as it is technically within our section’s borders. It is headed in the BSA national office in Irving, Texas. This lodge was formed in 2020, and you may see many BSA professionals who are not tied to any official council or lodge wearing this flap such as the Chief Scout Executive, BSA’s President, the National Order of the Arrow Director, and Assistant National Order of the Arrow Director.