Officer & Adviser History

Section Officers are elected annually at our April Conclave by voters of all 9 of our lodges. To be a section officer is prestigious and they will all be given the chance to lead the section, visit various lodge events, participate in national OA leadership gatherings, and may visit other sections. We have a rich officer history, and in many cases you may see an officer elected not at a conclave, those officers elections are just as competitive and are considered a special election based on the resigning of an officer in their term. On this page you will be able to see our officers elected to run our 9 lodges, and section over the past years and a history since the start of our section in 2008.

Section Advisers in our section have a long history of impacting youth and creating amazing leaders. We have 3 types of adviser roles, Section Adviser who runs various section background operations and serves as the key adult leader for the section and as they key representative to the region chair. The Section Associate Adviser works under their designated area or as assigned by the Section Adviser. The Staff Adviser works for the section in a professional BSA manner and assures we meet all needed safety needs. 

We have a strong history of our leaders serving as National OA Leadership. There are many opportunities for Section Chiefs to serve nationally as either a National Officer, National Event Vice Chief, National Committee Chairmen, or a National Coordinator. There are many more additional positions in the national structure, but those 4 are the highest leadership positions avaliable in the Order of the Arrow for youth.

Section Officer Belt Buckle

Section Officer History

Section Officers are elected annually by the nine lodges and run the operations of the section for the year they are elected.

Section  Year  Section Chief  Section Vice Chief Section Secretary 
 G3  2023 – 2024  Christian Kilburn

 Rachel A.  Ian Y.
 G3  2022 – 2023  Braiden Eccleston  Ben H.  Christian Kilburn
 SR-2  2021 – 2022  Zack Mistrot  Tairan Lockett Olivia Needham /
Braiden Eccleston*
 SR-2  2020 – 2021 Zack Mistrot  Daniel Morrison Zachary Haythorn
 SR-2  2019 – 2020 Brody Humphries**  Nate Simmons  Zack Mistrot
SR-2  2018 – 2019 Connor Schee  Brody Humphries  Nate Simmons
 SR-2  2017 – 2018  Slade Young  Brody Humphries  Connor Schee
 SR-2  2016 – 2017  Oliver Davidson  Slade Young  Levi Mortill
 SR-2/3N 2015 – 2016  Oliver Davidson  Logan Young  Thomas Ghiringhelli
 SR-2/3N  2014 – 2015  Jake Torpey  Taylor Potter  Oliver Davidson
 SR-2/3N  2013 – 2014  Hunter Brown  Ricky Watson, Jr.  Evan Thompson
 SR-2/3N  2012 – 2013 Brad Torpey /
Saul Rodriguez***
 Hunter Brown  Ben Myers
SR-2/3N  2011 – 2012  Graham Rapier  Tyler Thorne Taos Anderson
SR-2/3N  2010 – 2011 Kevin Lovett, Jr.  Austin Moore Graham Rapier
 SR-2/3N  2009 – 2010 Drate Berry  Austin Moore Tyler Thorne
SR-2/3N 2008 – 2009 Michael Failor Drate Berry Austin Moore

*Elected Section Secretary after the resignation of Olivia Needham

**Because his conclave was cancelled due to COVID-19, Brody resigned, making Nate Simmons the acting chief until the online conclave that September.

***Elected Section Chief after the resignation of Brad Torpey due to his election as Southern Region Chief

Section Adviser History

Section Advisers chose their terms with the discretion of the Region Chair, the Section Adviser will select their associate(s), and with the Section Adviser and the Order of the Arrow National Director they select Staff Advisers when needed.

Year Section Position  Name
2008 – 2011  Section Staff Adviser Travis Rubelee
2008 – 2013  Section Adviser  Chuck Haseman
2008 – 2013  Section Associate Adviser – Finance Aivars Jurkis
2008 – 2013  Section Associate Adviser – Native American Monika Kriechbaum
2008 – 2013  Section Associate Adviser – Trading Post Tim Beecher
2008 – 2013 Section Associate Adviser – Registration Jeff W. Justice
2013 Section Associate Adviser – Program Brian Bennett
2010 – 2014 Section Associate Adviser – Administration Alan Sill
2011 – 2015 Section Staff Adviser David Dean
2014 – 2017 Section Associate Adviser Tim Conrad
2014 – 2017 Section Associate Adviser Bob Berry
2014 – 2017 Section Adviser Brian Bennett
2017 Section Associate Adviser Dr. Matt Lindsey
2015 – 2023 Section Staff Adviser Scott Arrington
2016 – 2019 Section Associate Adviser Micheal Failor
2017 – Present Section Adviser Dr. Matt Lindsey
2019 – Present Section Associate Adviser Wayne Haythorn
2023 – Present Section Staff Adviser Chase Roach

Section Chief National Leadership History

The Order of the Arrow has many national scale leadership positions for Section Chiefs.
For starters each year 4 National Officers are elected by all section chiefs at the December Planning Meeting, these officers represent youth on the OA National Committee and BSA National Committee along with running all sorts of programs and visits annually. The 4 National Officers are the National Chief, National Vice Chief, and two Region Chief’s.
Next, each year the Order of the Arrow holds an annual event referred to as the “Program of Emphasis”. At the December Planning Meeting Section Chiefs are split into various event committees and elect the Vice Chiefs for the Event. For NOAC these are referred to as CVCs, Operation Arrow they are referred to as JVCs, and misc national events adopt EVC or a new shorthand related to the specific event.
Furthermore, each year at the planning meeting there is one committee not focused on the event of emphasis, but instead a program to improve the Order. In years past this has created things like LLD, ACT Conference, the Region Restructure, and Polestar. This committee elects someone to lead their committee known as a Committee Chairmen.
Finally, the Order of the Arrow has many subcommittees off of the National Committee. A youth who is the key leader for a National Subcommittee is a Coordinator. Examples of a National Subcommittee are THRIVE, National Communications Committee, National Youth Retention Committee, and the National Training Committee.
Year Position Title  Type of Role  Name
2012 Conference Vice Chief of Shows NOAC Vice Chief Graham Rapier
2013 Southern Region Chief National Officer Brad Torpey
2015 Conference Vice Chief of Training NOAC Vice Chief Jake Torpey
2019 Focus Vice Chief of Inductions National Program Vice Chief Connor Schee
2021 Momentum Vice Chief of Content National Program Vice Chief Zack Mistrot