Conclave History

A list of Conclaves held by G3 is below:

  • SR-2-3N Conclave 2014 was held at Camp Wisdom in April 2014
  • SR-2-3N Conclave 2015 was held at Camp Don Harrington in April 2015
  • SR-2-3N Conclave 2016 was held at Camp Trevor Reese Jones in April 2016
  • SR-2 Conclave 2017 was held at Kinsey Scout Ranch in April 2017
  • SR-2 Conclave 2018 was held at Sid Richardson Scout Ranch in April 2018
  • SR-2 Conclave 2019 was held at Camp Pirtle in April 2019
  • SR-2 Conclave 2020 was cancelled due to Covid-19, but held virtually in September of 2020
  • SR-2 Conclave 2021 was held at Camp Perkins in April 2022
  • G3 Conclave 2022 was held at Kinsey Scout Ranch in April of 2022
  • Planning for G3 Conclave at Camp Perkins is currently underway for April 2023