Apply to be on 2023 – 2024 Section Staff

The 2023 – 2024 Section Officers are looking for talented youth from across all 9 of our lodges to join our section staff. All who want to apply are encouraged to apply by August 18th for the best chances of consideration. Section staff has many kind of open roles including:

  • Section Coordinators who do non conclave work for the section in the following areas.
    • DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging)
    • PMP (Lodge & Section Performance Measurement Programs)
    • ACT (Section Planning Conference)
    • Section Communications
    • Conclave Ambassadors
  • Committee members who work under a Coordinator to help the committee accomplish a specific goal in their areas.
  • Conclave Vice Chiefs (CVCs) who work to plan, develop, and run the 2024 Conclave in the following areas.
    • Conclave Communications
    • Host Lodge
    • Trading Post
    • ARC (Activities, Recreation, and Competitions)
    • Experience (Special Events, Vigil Rededication, Important Arrowmen Luncheon, etc.)
    • AIA (Ceremonies & Dance)
    • Training
    • Shows
    • Service Corps
  • Leads work under a CVC to make a specific project in their area be planned and executed at the Section Conclave.
  • Team Members work under a lead and CVC to help staff an area and do planning in the area for the Section Conclave.

Apply now by pushing the button below that will lead you to the form!